17 April 2007

just catching up....

Back around Easter.....

She looks so smug!

This is the mint chocolate ice cream cake with peppermint brownie. And sprinkles, cuz in our house it's just not birthday cake unless there's sprinkles!

The cake maker: Ana. Notice how good she is, she's scraping the chocolate sauce on the knife back into the container. I, on the other hand, would have scraped it right into my mouth!
Nathan wanted a picture with his monkey. My lovely little boy.

The Caledon Trail

This past Saturday, we took a small jaunt along the Caledon Trail just off of Horseshoe Hill Rd (Dixie Rd, but further north). Of all that we saw, Nathan was most impressed with the moss!
Emily was impressed with her carrier. She wasn't very interested in going on a hike with us. Maybe when the moths, butterflies and leaves come out, she'll be more interested. And if the angle looks weird to you, just think of how much I miss out on, being this short!

We found what we think are raspberry canes. Nathan took this picture.
Emily wanted to take a picture too.


The lilac bush is budding. haha. The lilac bush is budding. heehee. The lilac bush is budding. Just needed to get this picture up here, to send to a friend on facebook. She's an Amy, she understands.

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Sue said...

great update!!
awesome pictures!!

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