21 August 2006

Spontaneous adventure

It was Sunday, around 11am. We had just come back from church. The children were playing happily but we, the parents, were unsettled. So we made a decision.
About an hour and a half later we found ourselves at Black Creek Pioneer Village.
What Fun!
Trouncing around on gravel paths ( much gentler on the feet), smelling spices, watching how to card and spin wool --oh so much fun! It amazed me how they just glowed as they ran around.
Nathan is just the right age to take in the information the village-people (non-YMCA types) shared. Emily enjoyedthe sheer energy of the excursion.
Paul and I found it wonderfully relaxing.
But, we didn't bring the camera.
Maybe next time!

1 comment:

Sue said...

oooooooh how delightful!!

i can't wait to do this sort of thing, julia loves trips. (who doesn't??)

there is a neat fair...umm. fair at the forks, i've never been, but we have to go. it is in Sept.