27 November 2006

Retail Schooling

Today we covered the subjects of math and science.
As we waited to check out at Michael's, Nathan worked on number recognition and sequence while observing the Soduku booklets (numbered 1 thru 8).
As we meandered through Home Depot, we observed the various plants which are transformed into Christmas greenery, such as rosemary trees. Nathan reviewed his Science lessons by naming the parts of an Amaryllis flower and describing what happens after a plant is pollinated (makes seeds) and how it protects it seeds (makes fruit).

This school day has been brought to you by the letter A and the numbers 1 thru 8.
We would like to thank our unwitting sponsors, Michael's and Home Depot.

Have a great day!

1 comment:

Sue said...

WONDERFUL!! inspiring! terrific!!

THis is school at it's finest!! :)

thanks for all the happy thoughts letter A and numbers 1-8. haha.

love from sue