01 September 2006

Our trip to the Library

I asked Nathan tonight if he wanted to go to the library. He suggested I could walk and he could ride his bike. He got a two-wheeler avec training wheels last week and there's been no stopping him. That is, until Paul put air in his tires yesterday! After a bit of clever and loud Mommy negotiating ("Nathan, GO! Yes it's more wobbly....GO! NOW!") followed by some logic (Nathan...you can do it), he got going and has gotten used to his now wobbly bike. So off we went to the library.

This involved crossing at two intersections with lights and one with a 4-way stop. He did super well and pedalled his little heart out. Once at the library, we discovered it was closed ( I didn't check before leaving as I thought it was a worthwhile excursion anyway). We figured out how to lock his bike to the bike rack, went pee and came back out. After a small but traumatic mishap on the ramp downhill, he pedalled his little heart out back home. Oh the proud mommy moment!

When we got home, we found that Paul had begun to give Emily a bath. How great that was! He got to ride to the library and is now clean to boot!

It was fabulous. He's really tired and his bum hurts, but he is so happy.

Bikes. Hee!


Sue said...

ohh happy bum, how fabulous to be on two wheels!!!!!!!!!!!! (or four i suppose..) but four that look like two. :) that is a BIG moment! how wonderful!

glad you have wheels now, have fun!
love from sue

Amy said...

hee, thanks.
It's really fun. I'm really proud.
REALLY proud! Ha! It's been a special mommy thing.

Love you too,